Heaven or Hell || @_m.i.j.i_

22 March 2018
Heaven or Hell || @_m.i.j.i_
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  • Rasheed Olamiji Samuel
  • Miji Music
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Heaven or Hell || @_m.i.j.i_

Rasheed Olamiji Samuel is a divinely assisted music minster who believes strongly in the propagation of the gospel via music. He is a prolific ambassador of the grace of God who by this divine force of favour won the 2016 edition of LAGOS SHIFT and even going on to become first runner up in the 2nd season of WORSHIP FLAME WEST AFRICA. Shortly after this,he put in for the RCCG RADIO HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE and emerged as the winner,all this he did by the grace of God.

Above all,Olamiji believes in the reality of HEAVEN and HELL thereby seeing himself as a signpost to heaven,though maintaining the fact that it is not about him but about the creator of the signpost. To this effect he releases his first single ; HEAVEN or HELL.

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